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MadVapes is a US based company that helps vapers save their money in numerous ways. One aspect that has helped it make a popular choice is that the company does not deal in “fakes”. So if you receive a box that says “SMOK” you can be sure to have the genuine product. This off course saves money in the long term as a genuine product lasts much longer than a fake and offers better quality. Let’s discuss some of the things that have made MadVapes a household name.

MadVapes Coupons
Who doesn’t like to have a paper voucher? But they don’t work online. If you want to save money while buying vapors online you will need coupon codes. MadVapes coupons can be found at websites that list general vaping coupons. Just do a quick online search and you will come across plenty of websites with coupons.
You will be asked to enter the discount codes when you checkout at the website. A code is a set of letters or numbers that you simply need to paste and viola! You get the discount promised. Note that, if you come across any claims of free shipping; simply ignore, because when you buy directly from the company it’s always free over $35.

What else you need to know about coupons
MadVapes offers very specific discounts. For example, you buy a product for a certain amount to avail a discount or make an order from a specific section and get 10% discount. Normally there are no time limitations. However, seasonal offers do appear at holidays like Valentine’s Day or Fathers’ day. So don’t be left behind and keep your eyes open when such holidays are approaching.

Free Shipping
The company offers free shipping on all its products over $35 total. Even if the customer returns the product as a result of a warranty claim within the stipulated time of 15 days, free shipping applies. This makes it user-friendly as shipping costs can make it expensive when buying online. Another way to save money is to subscribe to the company’s email newsletter that helps you receive $10 discount on every order above $100.

Best Deals
The company is the sole distributor for major companies and has developed a strong bond over the number of years. Since they serve as the primary seller for suppliers they are able to offer decent discounts. For the same reason, they publicize price-match guarantee which is always good for the end user.

Weekly deals
The company offers weekly deals for specific products. The reason for this is to promote over-stocked products. This is an excellent opportunity for a vape user to find the best quality product at the lowest possible price.

Best Brands
The company lists some of the top brands including but not limited to Wotofo, Tesla, Innokin, and Joyetech. The list of brands is updated on a regular basis because new models enter the market very often.
The best Chinese manufacturers keep coming with news gimmicks and safety features in order to develop and sustain the interest of the customer. As new materials are made available to the industry, new innovative designs are launched.

Why should you choose MadVapes?
There are a number of reasons to make your next purchase from this company. The first thing is the prices are decent. Moreover, the website offers a user-friendly interface. The selection of accessories, e-juices, and electronics is worthwhile. Last but not the least the company does not deal in fakes.
This means that the company does not sell cheap clones of brands but offers the best brands for the best price. Each of us is happy to spot a replica that costs half the price of a genuine article but this happiness is short-lived and costly since the product stops working much sooner.

The Promise
When you buy a product from MadVapes, the company offers a replacement warranty in case it is defective. For example, you bought a product a month ago and suddenly it has stopped working for no reason. The company owes you a new one.
There is a 2-month warranty for each product. So if a part is broken you will have it for free. Note that the shipment charges for the return and replacement are also accrued by the company.

Another amazing feature that has won hearts of people all around the US is if the customer does not like the product or want to change it with another model the company will be happy to replace the product or offer a refund.
Now that you know everything about this amazing company and its fabulous offers it’s time to go ahead and use madvapes coupons. The online shopping experience can’t get any better.
In case you have any questions feel free to get in touch with the company’s online sales officer via email, live chat or phone.

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