Using Codes

Coupon codes provide you with an amazing opportunity to save your hard earned money when purchasing goods online. However, most shoppers tend to overlook it while browsing online stores for their requirements. The increasing number of competitors has made it difficult for online shop owners to improve sales and attract new customers. In many cases, individuals, loyal to a specific online store for a long time suddenly switches his loyalty to a different store because the latter is offering them the same product at cheaper prices than the former does. However, how do owners of websites spread the word about discounted prices?

Two options
The first option is to offer discount codes on a specific or multiple products on their homepage. The buyers paste the code at checkout after they have completed shopping, to avail the discount. However, this method will only work if you already have a steady flow of visitors to your website. The second option is to promote your discounts through websites and newsletters that specialize in offering discount codes to their clients. This method allows the website owner to target a huge number of people as websites offering discount codes have a huge footfall daily. As hundreds of thousands of individuals become subscribers of popular newsletters, you can easily visualize the amount of coverage your discount offers will receive, and the massive increase in the flow of traffic to your website if you offer discounts on popular products such as e-cigs. You can discover this service by offering a paltry pay per click amount to the owners of coupon code websites and newsletters. You can leverage the sale of your website further by publishing a newsletter yourself. Include a field on your website where visitors can input their names, email addresses, and submit the same to subscribe to your newsletter. You can use this database whenever you have special discounts on offer.

How to find the coupons
Search online for `E-cig Coupons.’ You will receive tens of thousands of results from all over the world. You can refine this search to search for coupons of a particular brand of vaporizer by searching for `xyz E-Cig coupons’ where you should replace `xyz’ with the actual brand name. Click on any of the links on the search engine result pages to visit that specific website. You can easily differentiate between the good and bad sites by checking the various pages. Good sites typically have a blog, a review section where you can find information about the latest vaporizers (including vape mods and disposable models) and E-liquids. Navigate to the coupons section to find a wide range of coupons for different E-cig products as well as accessories manufactured by different brands along with the discount offered for each of them.

Procedure for accessing the product
Browse through the site until you find the brand you want. You will either find the code directly mentioned beside it along with the percentage of discount, or just a horizontal colored bar masking the code. In the latter case, you will have to click the bar to reveal the code and the link to the site. Typically, the clicking action opens another tab in your browser with the vendor’s website on it. You will have to click the code for the former option too; else, you will not get the link to the website providing that offer. Once you click on the link, a popup window will appear containing the code and the link to the website providing the offer. Instead of rushing, examine the page containing the coupon code carefully. On many occasions, you will find a line beneath the code section, clicking which will provide you with other discount coupons offered for that same brand and make of e-cigs offered by other online stores.

Undocumented tricks for getting additional discounts
Here is an amazing trick that you should try. Suppose you have seen a discount of 25% offered on a particular brand. Click on the coupon code for that brand, close the popup window, and move the cursor of your mouse outside the page. If you are lucky, you might find another popup appearing offering an extra discount for the same model and make. The owner of the website wants you to complete the deal because he will receive an extra amount on top of the pay per click if you follow the link through his site and purchase the product.

Awesome discounts
A search for Vaporfi coupon provided details about many sites offering discount coupons for that specific brand. One of the links led to a site, which offered 12% flat discount on all starter kits and hardware. That site also offered one Vaporfi E-Juice for every three purchased. One website providing Direct Vapor coupons showed the number of active coupons and the success rate previous visitors had with that coupon. One particular code offered a staggering 50% savings. It seems Madvapes coupons are pushing hard at their competitors. Their best coupon code offered a gargantuan discount of 83%. Remember, there are limited numbers of coupons available so do not delay and make your purchase the moment you spot an excellent deal.

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