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Online shopping allows us to save money on transportation costs and saves us time too, as we can purchase these goods from the comfort of our home. However, the effects of the financial meltdown that reared its ugly head in the first quarter of 2008 are yet to abate completely. This and the political turmoil the world is currently facing has pushed up the cost of essential goods so much that the average person faces financial problems while purchasing goods required for his household. One can easily overcome this problem by searching for coupon codes and using them while purchasing goods online. You can also find these coupons on major online stores. However, searching for them can take time, as you might not find them on all pages. This is where the advantages of websites dedicated to coupon codes come to the fore. These websites contain codes, which you can apply on selected goods on specific online stores, saving money in the process.

The secret behind discount coupons
You can use these coupons to earn savings on a wide range of goods such as footwear, apparel, jewelry, laptops, air conditioners, grocery, stationery, and much more. Online competition to retain customers has never been so fierce before, thanks to new online stores appearing every month that offers goods at throwaway prices to lure in customers. However, in order to sell a good, the potential customer has to visit a site, which he might not see on the list of search results while querying the search engines with specific keywords and phrases. The owners of new stores depend on websites offering discount coupons to lure buyers to their site. The customer, the store owner, and the owner of the site offering coupons stand to gain.

• The customer gets a special discount by applying the alphanumeric number on the code to get a discount while checking out
• The store owner has the option to include the purchaser in his list of customers by offering them the option to subscribe to their newsletter
• The owner of the coupon code site adds a special identification code on the URL of the stores selling products. Each time someone goes through his site to purchase a good, the vendor remits a small sum to the discount coupon site owner

Using the coupons
On a typical basis, the code is copied to your browser’s clipboard and is applied automatically when you purchase the good(s) linked to it. You can confirm this if you see a popup window showing `code copied to your clipboard.’ On other occasions, you have to copy the code and apply it in the `got a code’ window that appears on the checkout page. Paste the code and click on the `apply’ button to activate it. You will immediately notice the discount reflected on the payable amount. On yet another option, the website will generate a code and you will have to print it and give it to the cashier. This applies for purchases made from physical stores.

Points to ponder
• Always check the validity of the coupon before purchasing goods linked with it, else, you will have to remove that item from your shopping cart manually
• Check the `terms & conditions’ thoroughly. Certain coupons demand that you shop for a specific amount before you can apply them
• Never pay for coupons unless you are sure of the authenticity of the person offering them
• Avoid coupons that offer an absurdly low discount. You should not expect reputable brands offering 90% on their products
• Beware of sites that request you to sign up with them and provide your credit card details to receive coupons

Genuine sites
Thankfully, you will find many websites offering genuine coupons. However, chances are that they do not offer discounts on latest products or the percentage of their discounts are too low. This is why you should search discounts offered by several websites before selecting coupons from one that offer you the best value for your money.

Earn money online
You can earn money by launching a website offering coupon codes. Once launched, you will have to tie up with online stores and become their partner before publishing their coupons on your site. While the costs of hosting have decreased substantially over the past few years, iPage is one of the rare hosting companies that offer you the best value for your money. You can decrease their hosting cost further by with the help of an iPage coupon.

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